Johnny Crawford on The Rifleman and now. He needs our help with his Alzheimer's care.
Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain on The Rifleman and more recently
Promo Poster for A Tribute To Johnny Crawford online fundraiser

Welcome to all the folks who admire Johnny Crawford and appreciate what he has accomplished in television, film, and popular music since the 1950s.

Sadly, Johnny was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and is now living in a memory care residence for his safety and wellness. He has his loving family supervising and his friends visiting often.

As cruel as this illness is, life has a way of adapting, especially when there are people who love us unconditionally.

Johnny’s wife, Charlotte, and his brother, Bobby, are sharing some of the home movies and videos that Johnny collected over the years—from his cowboy days to his time conducting and singing with his dance orchestra. These very special moments have never been seen or heard by his fans. We are excited to announce that they are now available on limited edition DVDs, with more releases planned.  

Here in our Shop, you can now purchase the first two of these rare live music recordings and videos that celebrate Johnny’s wonderful career. This will allow us to give our support while enjoying his amazing work as an actor, musician and outstanding artist.

You will be supporters, as well as customers, since your purchases will contribute to the fundraising for Johnny’s care. You may also discover other ways to help, enlarging the circle of admirers who are giving back in appreciation for the precious gifts Johnny has given us over the years.

Bobby Crawford is supporting his brother Johnny by fundraising for his Alzheimer's care.
Bobby and Johnny Crawford
Photo credit: Memphis Film Festival 2012