45 RPM Vinyl Records

45 RPM Vinyl Records

We are offering fans a chance to own records that were part of Johnny Crawford’s personal collection. Johnny had several copies of many of these recordings to take along on personal appearances. Some of them are promotional copies, while others are the type sold in stores.

We haven’t attempted to use the standard vinyl record grading scale in our descriptions. We’ve done some surface cleaning and some test plays on an older record player. Most have never been played before. The labels are in excellent condition, but the sleeves show wear from years of being moved and stored. The vinyl shows some light marks and dust.

Each record will be shipped in a plastic protective outer sleeve over the paper sleeve. Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity. The shipping/handling fee is $6, with discounts for multiple records ordered together. California residents will be charged 10.25% sales tax. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. Orders will begin shipping after January 1st due to holiday postal delays. International customers, please contact us for ordering instructions.

Rumors/No One Really Loves a Clown

Del-Fi 4188: Rumors/No One Really Loves A Clown (1962) This 45 comes in a picture sleeve, with a printed reproduction autograph on one side. The other side of the sleeve is exactly the same but without the autograph. The record has a black label.


Patti Ann/Donna

Del-Fi 4172: Patti Ann/Donna (1962) We have both white and black labels in a generic sleeve.

Price: $6 plus shipping

Label Color

What Happened to Janie/Petite Chanson

Del-Fi 4215: What Happened to Janie/Petite Chanson (1963) We have both white and black label copies. The white promotional copies are in generic brown sleeves. The black labels are in Sidewalk Records sleeves, which are from Johnny’s late 1960s recording career, and not the original ones.

Price: $12 (promo) $8 (black label) plus shipping

Label Color

Sandy/Living in the Past

Del-Fi 4229: Sandy/Living in the Past (1963) With the white promotional label and generic sleeve.

Price: $10 plus shipping

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